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Wetsuits Wetsuits FACILE Lady WETSUIT 7 MM



This is the new version of the the Facile model, a suit highly appreciated by divers who dive all year and considered the warmest non-dry suit option on the market. In the new version, constructed completely in 7mm, extremely elastic Ultraspan® liner has been applied 100% (interior and exterior), greatly facilitating the donning and doffing of the suit, and permitting a surprising freedom of motion, coated in its interior by Helioflex®, a material with excellent insulation qualities. The possibility of water leaks is reduced to a minimum through the use of a series of technical means, without the need to resort to a zipper seal. To limit the entrance of water through the main front zipper, the Cressi WSS® (Water Stop System) system is utilized: a bib 3 mm thick, connected to the interior of the suit. The small amount of water that inevitably enters through this zipper does not reach the diver's body as would normally happen, rather it is stored in the internal portion of the integral suit and the bib, which in turn has a small zipper separate from the main zipper. This chest area, aside from improving the seal, improves the thermal memory of the neoprene in the sensitive thorax area. This exclusive solution makes the integral one-piece Facile more thermal than any other similar combination in the market. The incorporated hood, which prevents inconvenient water leaks through the collar, possesses a special Air Free valve that automatically removes extra air that generally accumulates in the hood. The double 2 mm smooth neoprene sleeves, also with Ultraspan® lining, guarantee a virtually complete seal acting as a sandwich with the gloves and booties. The integral suit is ideal for medium-temperature waters. This wetsuit is a truly warm garment and can adapt to colder waters as the thorax area has more than 15 mm neoprene and 12 mm on the back. This notable thickness also makes the garment perfect for greater depths, where it is superior in retaining heat compared to semi-dry suits.

  • The garment is comprised of an inner integral suit with incorporated hood and a outer shell, which may be acquired separately
  • The integral suit is constructed of 7 mm double-layer Ultraspan® neoprene with internal Helioflex® coating.  Anatomical cut with preformed arms and legs
  • Rear YKK® zipper belt-cheeks with a special WSS® anti-leak system
  • Flexible Tatex© anti-abrasion knee and shoulder pads tailored through compression
  • Wrists and ankles with zippers and constructed of double material (3 mm Ultraspan® and 2 mm Metallite® cuffs)

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