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Edy II

Edy II is an essential instrument for today's breath-held divers.

Its size is the same as a wristwatch's, however it is equipped with all those functions needed to monitor every single phase of breath-held diving: current depth and maximum depth, dive time, surface interval between two dives, rise rate, water temperature and many more.
In addition to all of this, Edy II is also a very good wristwatch, featuring a double time zone, alarm clock and back-lighting; it is also a tiny PC equipped with everything you need for scuba diving, by using both air and nitrox mix.

As soon as Edy II is immersed into water, it switches to its diving functions.

It calculates breath-held time (minutes and seconds) immediately after divers go deeper than 1.2 m and it stops automatically, when divers are rising to the surface again, as soon as it reaches that same depth.
Maximum depth is saved on to the display thus allowing divers to verify the value , all along the breath-held time value, as soon as you get to the surface again.
A very useful function is the automatic calculation of the recovery interval between two dives, which allows divers to optimize training.
Rise rate is monitored too, as well as water temperature.
What is also possible is activating an acoustic alarm on going deeper than a definite depth or when a definite breath-held time is exceeded.
Data related to each dive (which exceeds 30 seconds) are saved in a dedicated Logbook up to a total of 60 dives. Each dive can be read again – second by second - thanks to the Profile function.
The History function saves the overall number of dives during the day and automatically saves the deepest dive and its length.

One of its accessories is the interface for downloading all data that have been saved in the logbook and transfer them to the PC, thus creating a full databook of all your dives.

Technical features

  • Maximum depth, Free function (breath-held diving): 199.9 m
  • Pressure sensor: set to salt water
  • Sensor reading resolution: 0.1m (from 0m to 99.9m), 1m (from 100m to 199.9m)
  • Thermometer: resolution 1 °C, measurement range: -5 °C +40 °C
  • Battery: 3V CR 2032
  • Low battery visual alert
  • Diameter: 51 mm
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Weight: 75 g