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Neptune is a suit designed expressly for high performance swimming. Thanks to its special shape and materials, it can help swimmers increase their speed. The differential thickness in the neoprene modifi es the body's buoyancy, in the water creating a "lift" effect in the lower legs, improving the direction of propulsion and making their movements more natural.
In fact, the sections vary from 4 mm in the leg area to 3 mm in the torso, and then 2 mm along the arms to make it easier to rotate and extend them during the stroke. The underarm section is a single piece with no seams in order to eliminate any type of rubbing, given the constant extensive movement in the arms. The exterior of the suit is coated with Glide-Skin: this surface treatment for neoprene considerably improves penetration in the water and hydrodynamics. The inside is lined with Ultraspan, a very comfortable material with exceptional elasticity.
The neoprene used is incredibly high quality and guarantees unparalleled elasticity and remarkable durability for this garment.
When it's on, the suit feels like a second skin, and even in the highly sensitive neck area, wearers feel no restrictions.
YKK rear zip and variable rigidity rubbering on the side of the calves make it easier to remove.

  • Back Zip
  • Multithickness Technology
  • Uv Protection
  • Quick Drying
  • Super Stretch
  • Sizes: from S/2 to XXL/6

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